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Instruction My IDW for To work


To register with Mijn IDW you enter your e-mail address and a valid password (2x the same). You also indicate whether you register as a private person or on behalf of an organization. Do you register on behalf of an organization? Then you also enter the VAT number of the organization.

If you click on “Register now”, you get an email with a link to activate your account. To activate your account, you click on the link in the email and you enter your email address and password again.
Please note: the email may be in your spambox.

If an account is not activated, it will be deleted. This happens once a day. Have you forgotten your password or filled in a wrong email address? After 24 hours you can make a new account. So you must activate your account within 24 hours. If you don’t do this, you will have to make a new account.

Forgot password

You cannot log in to your Mijn IDW account because you have forgotten your password? Click on “I forgot my password”. Enter your e-mail address and click on “Reset password”.

You receive an e-mail with a link to reset your password. Click on the link in the e-mail and enter a new password (2x the same). Then you can log in with your new password.

Status of your application

If you open an application in your Mijn IDW account, you can see the status of your application. When a step has been finished, you will see a checkmark.

Your application can have one of the following statuses:

  • Application: you are filling in your application, but haven’t submitted it yet.
  • Documents check: we are checking whether your application is complete. You will receive an email if we need more documents or if your application is complete.
  • Evaluation: we are in the process of giving an advice. You will receive an email when the advice is ready.
  • Evaluation is ready: your evaluation is ready. You can download it.

Submit an application

After you activated your account you will see the homepage of Mijn IDW. You can now start your application by clicking on “New application”. Did you request a credential evaluation before? You can start another application by clicking on “New application”.

You don’t have to finish the application in one go. During the application process you can always pause by clicking on “I will finish the application later”.

Step 1: About the applicant

Here you enter your personal information.

Step 2: About the diploma holder

Here you enter all information about the diploma holder.

Do you apply for a credential evaluation for yourself? Select “Copy ‘About applicant’”.

Do you apply for a credential evaluation for someone else on behalf of an organization? Enter the information of the person for whom you request the credential evaluation.

At the question “Why are you requesting a credential evaluation?” you choose one of the options:

Step 3: Educational background

Here you enter all information about the schools and studies the diploma holder did. First you select the highest form of education the diploma holder did, then you enter the requested information.
For secondary, vocational and higher education you can add another school of the same type by clicking on the +-sign, for example if you separately have done lower and higher secondary education.

Step 4: Diploma or education to be evaluated

Here you choose for which education you want to receive a credential evaluation. After you selected the education, you enter all information about it. Some information is entered automatically.

You can also request an evaluation for an education you have not finished, if you have completed at least one school year.

Do you no longer have any documents from your education? And are you from a country that is not safe at this moment for you to (digitally) request additional information? You can inform us about that here. In that case, you have to go back to the previous step to enter extra information about your educational background.

Step 5: Upload documents

Here you upload all documents we need for a credential evaluation. Which documents you exactly need to upload, depends on the type of application you do, the diploma country and which diploma you want to have evaluated. On the page To work, topic Required documents you can read more about this.

Please say in which the language the educational documents are written. Also, you have to upload translations of your diploma’s and lists of subjects, unless these are awarded in Dutch, English, French of German.

Are you from a country where it is not safe for you to get your documents? If so, the educational documents are optional. This means that it is not a must to upload the documents. If you do have the documents, it is better to upload them.

You can also upload other documents, for instance, work experience certificates or diplomas the system does not ask for. We use these as extra information. We don’t evaluate them.

Please, make sure that you upload the documents in the right places. You can only upload images or pdf-files. Each file can be maximum 5MB.

Step 6: Application overview

Here you see all the information that you have filled in and the documents that you have uploaded. If you click on “edit” you will return to this step and you can edit your information. You cannot change your email address.

If you have any remarks, you can mention them at the bottom. For example, you do not have your list of subjects anymore? You can write that here.

Step 7: Submit application

Before you submit the application you have to give permission for the processing of your personal data as described in the Terms and conditions. To read the terms and conditions, click on "terms and conditions". A new window will open in your browser, so you need to accept popups in the browser to open the terms and conditions.

You select "regular application" and you select “Submit and pay directly”. You are redirected to a secure payment environment. In the payment environment you choose a payment method. After the payment is done, you are redirected back to Mijn IDW. Your application has now been submitted. You receive two e-mails: one about your application and one about your payment.

If you apply on behalf of an organization you can also choose to pay the application yourself, through a bank transfer. You can read more information about that below.

Documents check

Your application has now been submitted. In your Mijn IDW-account you see that the status of your application is “Documents check”. If you click on the application you see the application details.

Upload extra documents

After you have submitted your application, we check whether your application is complete. If any documents are missing we will send you an email. Log in in your Mijn IDW account to see which documents are missing.

Click on “Edit my application” to upload the missing documents. The document(s) that are not complete will have a remark. This tells you what you have to upload. You cannot change documents we have already approved. These document have a green checkmark.

After you changed the document, you click on “Next step”. You can write remarks here. You do not have the document that we asked for? Please, tell us here. If you click on “Next step” again, you can send the application back to us by clicking on “Submit your application”. You have to click on this button or we cannot process your application.

After this, we check again if your application is complete. If so, you receive an email about it. In your Mijn IDW account you can see that your application gets the status Evaluation. This means that we are in the process of giving an advice.

Download the advice

We send you an e-mail when your advice is ready. You can download it in your Mijn IDW account by clicking on the PDF-file.

The evaluation opens in a new tab in your browser. To be able to open the evaluation you need to allow popups to open in your browser. The digital signature is not visible in the browser, but it is visible when you download and open the document in Adobe. Are you opening the evaluation on a computer or laptop? You can allow popups in your browser. Are you opening the evaluation on your phone? You have to allow popups in your phone settings. Please note: it is possible you have to log in again after you click on the evaluation.

The electronical signature is not visible in the browser but it is visible when you download the evaluation.

You can download the evaluation more than once; it remains available in your Mijn IDW account.

Mijn IDW for organizations

Applying for a credential evaluation on behalf of an organization follows mostly the same steps as described above. There are a few differences and there are extra options in Mijn IDW.

Applications for Inburgering - Oriëntatie op de Nederlandse Arbeidsmarkt (ONA)

An application for a credential evaluation for Oriëntatie op de Nederlandse Arbeidsmarkt (ONA) always has to be done by the diploma holder. Therefore it is not possible to do an application for ONA on behalf of an organization.

Paying an application

When submitting an application you can choose whether you want to pay the application directly in the online environment or if you want to transfer the payment at a later moment. You choose the second option for example if you are not authorized to transfer payments on behalf of your organization. We will process your application after we received the payment.

Are you paying the application directly in Mijn IDW? Click on “Submit and pay directly”. Are you paying the application later through a bank transfer? Click on “Submit and I pay myself”. Your application gets the status Unpaid.

Multiple accounts per organization

Per organization, one account can be registered through https://mijn.idw.nl. This account will automatically be the admin of the organization. Do you want to register multiple accounts? That is possible. Go to “Manage organization” in your Mijn IDW account and click on “Invitations”. Enter the e-mail address for which you want to create an account in your organization and click on “Send invite”.

On this e-mail address you receive an e-mail with a link. Click on this link to create an account. Enter a password and click on Register now.

After this, you have to activate the account with the link in the new e-mail you receive on this e-mail address.

Reassign applications

The organization admin can reassign applications to another user in the organization, for example if a user is absent for a long time or does not work for the organization anymore.

To do this, click on Organization applications. You see a list with all the applications that have been done on behalf of your organization. Select which applications you want to reassign to another user. Then click on “Reassign”. In the popup, select the user to which you want to reassign the applications and click on “Save and close”.

Manage users

The organization admin can remove users, for example if the user does no longer work for the organization. The admin can also make another user organization admin. To do so, click on “Manage organization” and on “Users”.

To remove a user, you click on “Remove”. Please note: you cannot remove a user if there are still applications assigned to that user.

To make another user admin you click on “Make admin”. You are automatically logged off and are no longer admin of your organization.

Edit organization data

The organization admin can edit the name of the organization. To do so, click on Manage organization and on Edit organization data.

Questions about Mijn IDW

Do you have trouble using Mijn IDW?
It may help to wait a couple of minutes and try again. Or you could use a different browser.

If you still have trouble logging in or using Mijn IDW, please e-mail us at info@idw.nl. Mention which browser you used, on which device you used Mijn IDW (e.g. mobile or laptop) and the date/time of using Mijn IDW. If you get an error notification, please make a screenshot and add this to your e-mail.