Why a credential evaluation?

A credential evaluation indicates with which Dutch educational level a foreign diploma can be compared. This can help while searching for a (different) job, recruiting employees or coaching clients towards education or a (paid) job at the appropriate level.

Credential evaluation via UWV
Are you registered at the Dutch public employment agency (UWV) and do you receive a ZW-, WAZ-, WAO-WIA- of WAJONG-benefit? Then you can apply for a credential evaluation via UWV. The UWV will pay for the evaluation. For this, you need a statement of approval from your UWV Werkcoach. For more information, you can check www.werk.nl.

Regulated ('protected') professions
Some professions are protected in the Netherlands, such as physician, teacher and pharmacist's assistant. This means that you can only work in this profession after permission by the competent authority, the organisation that controls access to the profession. For instance, they check whether you meet the educational requirements for the profession.

At www.professionalrecognition.nl you can check if a profession is protected in the Netherlands. Here, you'll also find information about the competent authority for each profession.

A credential evaluation does not grant permission to work in a protected profession.

More information?
You can find more information about credential evaluation at the What is a credential evaluation page.
Do you want to apply for a credential evaluation? Please check the Application and procedure page.