International credential evaluation

SBB and EP-Nuffic together represent the structure for international credential evaluation in the Netherlands. The Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Sciences and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment have assigned this task to SBB and EP-Nuffic.

Information Centre for Credential Evaluation

The Information Centre for Credential Evaluation (IcDW) is the joint digital office for SBB and EP-Nuffic, and has been hosted at SBB since 2003. The IcDW takes care of the administrative procedures concerning credential evaluation applications.


SBB, the Cooperation organisation for Vocational Education, Training and the Labour Market is the centre of expertise for foreign diplomas at the level of preparatory and senior secondary vocational education (vmbo and mbo).


EP-Nuffic is the Netherlands Organization for International cooperation in higher education. EP-Nuffic evaluates foreign diplomas at the level of general secondary education (havo and vwo) and higher education (higher professional education and university education) with the Dutch educational system.