Credential evaluation

A credential evaluation indicates with which Dutch level a foreign diploma is comparable.

Why apply for a credential evaluation?

You can apply for a credential evaluation, if you:

  • are doing the exam for Orientation on the Dutch labour market
  • want to work or study in the Netherlands

What are the conditions

Which diplomas can be evaluated?

In many cases we can evaluate foreign diplomas and certificates, provided that the education:

  • took longer than 1000 hours (one school year);
  • was done within regular education, at an institute accredited by the government.

Which diplomas cannot be evaluated?

  • Courses and educations shorter than 1000 hours (one school year);
  • Diplomas which have been obtained outside of regular education, such as at a private institute;
  • Dutch diplomas and/or certificates.

Unfinished educations

If you have not finished your education, but finished at least one school year, it is often possible to evaluate these educations as well. You have to have completed at least one year (1000 hours) of the programme. In this case, you will receive an Opleidingswaardering. This is a written statement, that indicates with which level the not-completed educational programme can be compared in the Netherlands.

One diploma per application

For each application, only one diploma is evaluated. Usually this is the highest diploma you have obtained. This means a credential evaluation does not describe every education you have followed.

How can you apply for a credential evaluation?

You can apply for a credential evaluation through your Mijn IDW account.

Apply for a credential evaluation

Credential evaluation not for inburgering
Read more about how to apply for a credential evaluation

Processing time, costs and payment

How long will it take before your credential evaluation is ready? How much does it cost? What are the payment options?

Read more about the processing time and payment

Which documents should you send?

In order to evaluate your diploma, we require documents. The amount of required documents varies with each country and with each education.

Read more about the required documents

If you have no documents of your education

Did you come to the Netherlands as a refugee? Do you no longer have any credentials from your school or university, such as a diploma or list of subjects? Is there no safe way to retrieve this from your country?
In that case, you can apply for an Indicatie onderwijsniveau. If you cannot apply for a free credential evaluation for inburgering you do need to fill in a different application form. Please contact the IcDW to request this form.