Are you working at an educational institute?

An aspiring student with a foreign diploma or education registers at your educational institute.
How do you know the value of the diploma, and at which level the student can enroll?

Government funded educational institutes
As a government funded educational institute, you can ask for advice free of charge about foreign diplomas of aspiring students.  This also counts for aspiring students for ISK's (internationale schakelklassen). You can contact SBB or EP-Nuffic directly. See the schedule below. 


Educational institute Request for credential evaluation at
University EP-Nuffic
HBO EP-Nuffic
MBO (ROC, AOC or vocational college) SBB
ISK at a mbo-school SBB
ISK at a school for general secondary education EP-Nuffic
havo/vwo EP-Nuffic
vmbo SBB

Private educational institutes
As a private educational institute, you can apply for a credential evaluation at a charge. For this, you or the diploma holder pays the fee. You can apply for a credential evaluation via the Application and procedure page.